Portraits - Testimonials

From: Nicola Rawnson
Sent: 20 June 2008 08:21:00
To:  Sarah Smith
"Sarah has taken many photos of my family over the years and has always managed to capture the moment. Due to her ability and personality we have many photos of our three year old son to treasure those special memories as he grows and also some wonderfully relaxed photos of my partner & I.  I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah as a photographer."
Nicola Rawnson
Dear Sarah,
I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the photographs you took of me for our web site recently.
You managed to pull off the very difficult combination of a professional image which at the same time actually looks like me. Many people have commented on how natural the photo looks and I usually hate having my photo taken!
I was particularly impressed too with the way you were able to show me the photos there and then on your lap top, in a rolling slide show. That made it so much easier to select the best ones from which to choose one for the web site. Also, the trouble you took to get such a lovely background.
In fact I liked the pictures so much I have ordered one for personal use. There can be no greater testament to your skills.
Thanks again, I would definitely recommend you to my friends, family and business colleagues.
Kind regards,
Linda Linehan
Managing Director Abbeville Associates Ltd